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Wild Ivy Retreat

Caroline and Rosie at Wild Ivy Retreat are two wonderful women who care deeply about our precious Mother Earth. They organise monthly retreats, bring nature into workplaces and create special private parties.

I was so lucky to be able to go to not one but two of their retreats: one to photograph and one to enjoy with my friend. Both of them was so magical that I didn't want to leave; I needed them: the calmness, the reconnection with nature again, the community of like minded women, the nourishing food, the knowledge about the plants around us and that inner peace I found after the meditation.

The Wild Ivy Retreats are very special retreats in a peaceful location in Hertfordshire. Caroline and Rosie help you to reconnect with nature (and so with yourself) by teaching you about plants, flowers, vegetables around us, they feed you with delicious and nutritious vegan food and drinks (Caroline is a FANTASTIC cook!). There is a meditation with Rosie and a creative activity to create something you can bring home. Their knowledge about our world is huge but they share their wisdom in a very gentle way so we can take all in slowly in our very own space.

The Wild Ivy Retreat invites you to disconnect from your busy, rushed life and immerse yourself in a welcoming, safe, calming and inspiring environment.

Scroll through my photos of one of their Summer retreats and if you feel curious, join the next one: You find all the information about Caroline and Rosie and their special retreats on their website HERE

Find them on Insta HERE

You won't regret attending a Wild Ivy Retreat!

Lots of love,

Viki xx


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