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People who shaped me who I am in 2022

This year is all about finding myself. It’s not a path I chose to step on last year - it’s more like 'just happening’ to me. (I don't really believe in 'just happening' - but that's a whole other story for another post. So for now I will say 'it's just happening'.) The universe has been bringing such amazing people into my life who guided me, asked questions and tought me in many ways.

Before I start telling short stories about some incredible people I want to answer your question first: "But what has it all to do with photography and my clients?" Fair question.

I do believe that we can only give or serve authentically (our family, our friends, our clients) if we know ourselves. If we remove the layers of the 'shoulds' and the expectations of the world and discover what is really inside.

I'm an artists who is trying her best to represent herself to the world as authentic as possible so you can be sure that when you hire me you get what you see :)


In January this year I started to dive even more deeper into yoga with Cat Meffan at My Soul Sanctuary. She is teaching not only yoga but also yoga philosophy which helps me go through my days even if I don’t step onto the mat that day. Her Wild Woman Retreat in March (on my actual birthday!) brought up so many deep emotions that I still find it hard to articulate them. Maybe one day I will open up and talk about them. About all the wildness, fire and power I do believe all women have inside them and which need to be freed into the world.


I enrolled into Naked Marketing School with Bec Griffiths and Yan Palmer at the beginning of the year and I needed that course like water in a dehydrated world - even though I had no idea when I signed up. They showed me a whole new world of community and taught a new way of thinking of myself and others. How do you supposed to market yourself and sell your service if you don’t know what truly and deeply makes your heart sing? Two beautiful, smart and sexy souls. They saw me in a way I've always wanted to be seen and encouraged me not to shy away to show the world who I am. I will do, I will do.


This Spring I met Caroline and Rosie at Wild Ivy Retreat. Again two incredible women who bring other ladies together in a beautiful and safe environment to slow down and switch off from the noise of the modern world and to connect with them selves. Their retreat made me realise how much I miss the community feeling and the tight bond of sisterhood. As a self employed photographer I often feel lonely and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Their retreats should be subscribed to all women!


Roberta, a previous client of mine asked me to work monthly for the start up she is one of the CEOs of, for Pourwell. Her trust in my work has been helping me building my self-belief and all Pourwell's successful campaigns shows me new possibilities in the commercial work.

I would have never dreamt of seeing my name in The Telegraph but here we go! I'm excited to see what comes next??


I met Bianca at the Wild Ivy Retreat and later we worked together to create the first set of images for her brand, Affirmation Beauty. Her kind soul, her passion, her dreams are so inspiring for my own business. She shows me how you run a business in gentle way and be patient with ourselves.


How about you? How has been 2022 for you so far? Do you feel anything to be shifted? I'd love to hear about the people who guide you through this year!

Lots of Love




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