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Once upon a time in Miami

We could only believe that we were REALLY going to Miami when we were sitting on the plane. This trip has been cancelled and postponed two times because of Covid and as we got the virus just a few weeks before the February half term things were uncertain until the very last minutes.

But we mad it and what a holiday we had!

I was stressing a lot about the flight but actually it was a piece of cake. The minute the kids sat down on their seat, they turned on the screen immediately and basically they didn't say a world until we landed. And me? I enjoyed the 9 hours undisturbed time - what a luxury!

This post is not about me recommending you places to visit or restaurants to eat at because quite honestly we were just wondering around Miami Beach and we just simply enjoyed the weather, the vibe of the city, the big open spaces and the never ending, wide beach and we generally didn't do much 🙈

My goal here is to show you how we saw and felt Miami and recommend it to you as a holiday destination with your children without many words. I'm a photographer after all and I want you to experience Miami through my images.

So there you go, no more talking but some snapshots from our Miami holiday album.

Hope you will enjoy it!



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