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My business in 2022 was not what I expected!

A crazy good year with lots of takeaway for 2023! Do you wanna know how my year was and what I'm planning to do differently in 2023? Keep reading as I'm sharing lots of insights!

1. I rebranded my business.

I merged my family and commercial photography under one brand and I named it after myself :) I had two websites, two social media accounts and two hats on all the time before and it just wasn't sustainable. From June 2022 you can find me under my name Viktoria Tari! The change saves me lots of time and creative energy when it comes to promote myself.

2. I decided that my main profile will be commercial work.

As much as I wanted family and commercial photography to walk hands and hands, it was impossible to give 100% focus on both so I had to make a decision. I'm still doing family work but it won't be promoted as much as before. After so many years I understood the whole point of niching down :)

3. 98% of my new clients have been referred by existing clients.

It means that I provide a service which people happily recommend and that is the best feeling ever! However I had only a handful of new clients finding me through SEO or socal media which made me realise the following:

4. My marketing didn't work.

It didn't surprise me though. I experienced with my own skin that if I'm not clear about what I offer and who I offer it to people will be confused and won't buy. I expect this to be changed next year as my business will be focusing on commercial work and clients only.

5. I LOVED my jobs this year

I worked with people I truly enjoyed working with and it probably comes down the fact that I have been recommended to them by previous clients. It would be hard to name only a few work but I absolutely loved my family sessions in Hungary, photographing a Wild Ivy Retreats, working with Pourwell, shooting with Affirmation Beauty and working for Equipp for a whole year.

6. I have various source of income now.

Perhaps this is the biggest change in my business and the one I LOVE! I have income now not only from photography but from other marketing related jobs as well. From next Spring I'm planning to give a shape and a form to all the services I can be hired for which is super exciting! This is something I've been dreaming for such a long time!

7. I made more money (but not as much as I wanted)

In January I had the plan to double my income this year (haha) but I only managed to increase it by about 15%. Looking back at the messiness of this year I'm pretty happy with the money I made especially that I feel less tired and exhausted.

8. I feel less exhausted

I worked less hours, increased my prices, worked with amazing clients, expanded my services, started to work with an amazing assistant and accountant... at voila! Work doesn't seem to be so tiring anymore! I'm not saying that I didn't have times when it was too much but generally this was a nice year without too many busy periods.

9. The Telegraph

My photo for Pourwell has been published in The Telegraph. It was the company's advertisement but it clearly speaks for the quality of my work. These milestones not only feel f*cking good but also make me realise that things which I thought would be impossible to achieve, somehow I achieve them. Is there any more out there for me?


What about you? How was your year and what did you learn from it? I can't wait to hear your stories!

Viki xxx


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