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How to use the same image in 15 different social media posts

Who has the time to take new photos (or pay for a photographer) for every single social media post? No one. Let me show you how you can use one single photo in 15 different social media post so you can save time with content creation!

I wrote an article about how instead of creating new content all the time we should re-use the existing contents (have a read HERE) to create consistency across around marketing channels and to save time! Because we all have so much to do in such a little time so any time savings tip come handy, don't they?

This time I will show you how to save time by using the same image in different social media posts.

If you use the same image in different ways:

- you will save a lot of time (you don't need to take new photos for every single new post)

- you will create consistency over your marketing platforms

- you will save money (you don't need to hire a professional photographer every month)

- your product and brand will be more easily recognisable


I created 15 different social media posts with 15 different messages using an image I took for a client.

I used mainly 2 fonts (and for a few posts I used an extra handwriting one) and 3 colours. That's it.

All 15 posts are here ⬇️

I love how I could create so many different posts with one image keeping the look consistent.

What do you think?

Do you find it helpful? Let me know what you think?



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