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How to re-use the same content over and over again (to create consitency & save a lot of time!!!)

Do you put a lot of pressure on yourself to create new content for all your platforms over and over again?

Do you feel coming up with new concepts costs your time, energy, creativity and sanity?

What if I told you that instead of creating brand new content all the time, you only need to take and repurpose the 'old' ones?! Let me tell you why and how!

Why you should recycle your content

instead of creating new ones

1./ Your business needs to be consistent in their marketing. You need to know your chore values and all the things which set you apart from other business and you need to set your focus only on those key elements.

If you communicate new concepts all the time, people will find it hard to associate your message with your brand. In order to establish a strong brand identity you need to talk about the same few things in similar ways every time.

What does it mean?

- you don't have to share everything about your business just those few points which are unique

- you don't need to use all the design elements in world (text, photo, emoji, gif, chart, audio, video etc), just pick a few you like

If you think repurposing your content will make you look a boring brand, you are mistaken here my friend. People need to see the same message many times (they say 7 times) to get it and actually act.

2./ You will save tons of time! Content creation shouldn't be a full time job in your business! We all need to market ourselves with different type of contents on more than one platform but it shouldn't take most of our times

3./ You will share more regularly! If you simply can't find the time / energy / creative flow to put together a new post for Instagram, you won't share much there. In order to utilise social media you need to be visible and talk about your business and yourself regularly. By repurposing your existing contents you will be sharing more often.

How can you recycle the same content in the easiest way?

First of all: write a blog post. Like this.

No strict rules here, just write a post about your service or products, share some useful ideas and tips and you will do the rest from there. In the future you will get back to that blog post and use the whole or some bits from its content across your marketing channels.

Always start with the longest content and go from there by taking bits out of it.

Let me share with you a real example with this very blog post. Here are all the content I will be creating in the future

using the content from this single blog post

you are reading right now:

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

- I will prepare at least 2 newsletters:

1/ In my first newsletter I will promote this blog post and will invite my readers to visit my blog on my website and read this post (hello website traffic!)

2/ In another newsletter I will be sharing the key points of this post with a link to this blog post if someone wants to dive into this topic more

3/ As this is a very valuable content here I will be sharing this post over and over again in my newsletter

- I will create endless Pinterest post: I will create as many Pinterest posts as I possibly can in Canva and schedule them for sharing.

A few examples for Pinterest pins:

1/ Why you shouldn't create new content

2/ Why you should re-use your content over and over again

3/ How to re-use your content on different platforms

4/ I'm using the same content in 20+ different ways every time - let me show you how!

5/ Stop creating new content - examples how to re-use your old ones


Pro tip: you can create Pinterest pins

- with only a photo

- photo with graphic

- graphic only

- carousel with photos / graphics


- I will create Instagram stories to promote this post.

  1. I will ask questions related to this topic, share the responses and link this post as a valuable solution to content creation challenges. Questions I'm think about: Do you feel you spend more time on creating content then actually creating your product / delivering your service? Do you feel you need to create new content every single time you post? What are your main struggles when it comes to content creation? etc

  2. I simply share this post into my stories over and over as it will be very useful for businesses at any time

- I will cut this blogpost (which is a long read!) into digestible bits and share those as social media posts

1/ I will create a carousel with examples how to re-use the same content

2/ I will create a graphic post with questions (see Instagram story questions in the previous point) and will share this post as a solution to their challenges

3/ I will create a carousel post of why would your brand benefiting of re-using the same content instead of new ones (the first part of this post)

4/ I will create a carousel post with examples of how business can re-use their content.

5/ I will create a one slide post and use just one key line from this blog and post it as a quote

6/ I will create a carousel post about how to re-use a blog post on social media (and will basically copy these point you are reading now)

7/ I will create a carousel post about how to re-use a blog post on Pinterest (and will basically copy the Pinterest parts from above)

- I will create reels:

1/ A short video of myself explaining why you should re-use the same content over and over again instead of creating new stuff (basically the first bit of this post) and I will link this post for examples

2/ A short video of myself giving examples how to use the same content (basically this bit you are reading now)

3/ A funny meme video of the pain of creating new content

4/ A funny meme video of why the idea of new content creation is wrong

- I will create a lead magnet as well to send this post as a form of a downloadable pdf guide to those who prefer to have all these tips saved on their devices (hello new email subscribers!). To create the guide I will more or less just copy of this post and make it a bit prettier.

- I will casually drop this post into email or DM communications with business who I think would benefit from it.

NOTE: I will not share these content at once. I will either batch create these contents and schedule them over a few months OR if I run out of ideas or time I will get back to this and share something from here.

Do you feel inspired? Do you feel like the weight of new content creation has lifted? Do you have any questions? Do you want to share something with me? I'm all ears!!




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