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Family session at home, East Sussex

A unique, creative and fun family session - definitely one of my favourite TOP 5 family sessions in 2022! Let's scroll down to see more of their family photos and find out why the title is actually a lie!

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph this family again this year. Working for returning clients mean:

- a smoother session as we all already know each other

- a more challenging session as what has worked last time probably won't this time

I was invited in this family's new home and what a home they have! There were so many details, so much art that we spent the first 30 minute just talking about the paintings alone! (Mental note to myself: next year I need to schedule their sessions to an earlier time so I'll have that extra time to nose around in their home!)

We were shooting in their living room, the kids' room, in the garden and on the roof top! I tried to create images which included the details of their home (mainly the art work and that gorgeous staircase), the personalities of the children (like the little girl's fond of her swing in her room - which was actually soooooo cool!) and some interesting and unique spots (like the patch of light at one corner or the curtains).

It was a session when everyone was on board and happily followed my ideas :)

Enjoy the gallery - I hope you will like them as much as I do!