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Branding photoshoot in Brighton with Flo

Creative portrait session with the artist Flo in her studio in Saltdean, Brighton, East-Sussex.

My first interaction with local art after we moved to the seaside in June 2022 was through Flo's art. I've fallen in love with her pictures the moment I saw them: their colour palette, the figures, Flo's humour and love for the ocean stole my heart immediately.

Photographing Flo in her home studio in Saltdean, Brighton was like a dream comes true. She told me about the process of how her art comes to live, the characters in her pictures and books and her future projects.

Flo is a well known artist in East-Sussex and beyond and working with her and getting a peek into her creative process through our session gave such an inspiration for my own art and process.

We had a pre-consultation before our session over FaceTime when we discussed what kind of images we want to create. Flo is not a big fan of being photographed (let's put it this way :)) so our goal was to create natural and fun photos of her without any uncomfortable posing.

We also wanted to tell the story of her art and show her artistic mess in her studio which helps her to immerse into her own creative process.

Flo has the cutest dog Finny who was at the studio at the whole time. His presence was calming and energising the same time :) and we both agreed that he deserves a few portraits with his mama as well.

Check out Flo's amazing work under Creative Florence's Inky Art

Her website - click HERE

Her Instagram account - click HERE


If you are an artist yourself and has been refused to get your portrait images taken please please please message me! I can promise you that your photoshoot will not only be painless but actually fun!!! Get in touch with me HERE or email me to

Hope to see you soon! Lots of love,

Viki xxx


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