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5 reasons why you have to be a freelancer

5 reasons why I would recommend for everyone to go freelance!

Expect some fun here :)

1. Flexible hours

Who wants the rigid 9 to 5 if we can enjoy the beauty of working whenever we want??? Imagine a life when you can finish your work at 11pm in your bed or start your day at 5am in your dining room! Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

2. You can work from anywhere

You don't need to sit in a warm office on a perfectly ergonomic office chair anymore! As the boss of your own business you can choose your own workplace! It could be anything from your dining room or kitchen, to a bus stop, or your car... You can reply to emails even from the bench in your kids' gymnastics club! What a luxury!

3. You can work with client you want

Your only job is to find them by creating an attractive and consistent portfolio and being visible on those marketing channels where you can send them your pitch emails... Easy as pie! Until then you work with clients who pay your bills...

4. You keep all the money

That's true! All the money you make is yours! Except those you spend on your computer & other equipment and their repair; subscriptions; courses; your accountant / assistant / photographer /designer / copywriter / seo guru / social media marketer... oh and the money you pay to HMRC each year...

5. Infinite opportunities

You can do literally ANYTHING you want! Finally not a single company policy is in your way to make all your creative & world changing ideas come true! If you can work 20 hours a day and fill at least 5 different positions in your business at the same time the sky is the limit!


Sounds fun, ha? Despite all these no freelancer would ever go back to be employed :)


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