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5+1 tips of How to prepare for your branding photoshoot

Brand imaginary are able to elevate your brand instantly! With the right photographer and a purposeful planning you can walk away dozens of images that you can use across your channels easily and for a long time.

1. Don't make it complicated unless you want to

Putting together a brand photoshoot shouldn't be an overwhelming tasks so keep it as simple as possible. Overcomplicating can be a joy killer so be mindful of your dream shoot. I'm the one who always encourages women to dream big so I don't want you to feel limited BUT be always mindful of what is possible and what your needs are exactly.

2. Communicate your purpose of the photoshoot with the photographer clearly

The success of a branding photoshoot lays in the communication between you and your photographer. It's your job to tell them why you need branding photos and it's the photographer's job to come up with creatives ideas and suggestions to meet your needs and purpose.

I recommend to tell your branding photographer at least the followings:

- where do you want to use the photos (eg: website / newsletter / social media / Pinterest etc)

- how many do you need

- are you going to use any graphics over the photos

- did you have any previous experience with photographers

- share websites / IG feeds you like

3. Have think of how you want to show up in front of your audience

This about the different personas you want to show up in front of your audience. We all wear different hats and we show up differently in our many roles.

I give you an example: if you are a yoga teacher but also a mum and also someone who loves cooking you might want to create 3 different types of images to the different contents you will share within your brand.

4. Create a Pinterest board

I'm sure you already have dozens of board with gorgeous pins but you need to create a Pinterest board specific for your branding photoshoot and share it with the photographer in advance to give them the opportunity to ask questions.

I always print out the images from my client's Pinterest boards so we don't have to check our phones constantly (and be possibly distracted by the notifications).

5. Choose your consistent elements!

Consistency is key in branding. Pick 2-4 elements that you want to be using across your channels repeatedly. These could be:

- your branding colours

- props (books, journal, flower)

- elements of nature (eg. water or air)

- body parts (eg. hands or hair)

You can categorise these elements within your Pinterest board or simply make it clear for the photographer.

5+1. Location

I think the most underestimated part of a photoshoot is choosing the location. It is very important where we are shooting, what is in the background, how the light will fall, what are the colours around us etc.

A few examples for branding photos:

- a wonderful hidden spot in the nature

- seaside

- your home

- your friend's home

- streets

- cafes

- studio

- yoga / retreat / workshop studios

- cool office space

- unique AirBnb


Do you have any more questions about a branding photoshoot? Send me a message HERE!

Lots of love,

Viki xxx


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