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Celebrate your child's uniqueness with a playful and memorable photoshoot!

Let them shine in moments that capture their true personality—whether they're adventurous, curious, energetic, silly, fun, sassy, jumpy, or anything in between.


Date & Time

The POP-UP kids photoshoot will take place between 10:00 - 16:00 on Saturday, 18th May 2024.

What if I have more than one child?

If you have more than one child, you'll need to book 2 spots so that each child has their own dedicated time and there's enough time for sibling shots. However, they will share one gallery, allowing you to save money when ordering images.

What props will be available?

I'll provide a selection of props such as fruits, flowers, and bubbles. However, I encourage you to bring your child's personal items to make the images even more personal and unique. Feel free to bring along hats, sunglasses, favorite band outfits, beloved teddies, and anything else that reflects your child's personality!


West Wing Room

Saltdean Lido,

Saltdean Park Road,

Saltdean, Brighton, BN2 8SP

How long is the session?

You will book a 15-minute slot, which includes time for arriving and leaving the space, discussing props, and getting comfortable. The actual photoshoot will last about 10 minutes.

Can I cancel or reschedule the session?

Due to the unique nature of the photoshoot, I cannot accept any cancellations, and no refunds will be given for booked slots. Additionally, the booked slot cannot be rescheduled. However, if you are unable to attend the photoshoot for any reason, you may offer your slot to someone else, essentially selling it on your own behalf.

What is the age limit for children?

Children up to the age of 18 are welcome if they can sit unsupported. Please note that this photoshoot is all about the kiddos, so no parents this time—sorry! :)

How much is the session?

The session fee is £39, payable upon booking and non-refundable. You'll have the flexibility to choose which photos you want to order as digital or print. Digital images are available for £15 each or £55 for the full gallery. Print prices vary depending on the size.

Ready to secure your child's spot?

Let me show you my own kids:


Book your slot now!

Any questions?

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the photoshoot. Click HERE to get in touch. 
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