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Do you know what most of the mums don't have?


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Every MOTHERHOOD is unique and special – with mum's touches, love and laughter. While we're waiting for the 'right time' for these moments to be captured, we don't realise that the perfect moment is the one we're living in right now.

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Gift something truly wonderful 

to the mum you love so much

Because no mum ever said:
"A family photoshoot? That sucks!"

family photographer Brighton.jpg

one of the mums who received a gift card:

"We received a gift voucher for a newborn photoshoot with Viki and we were so so impressed with the results. Right from the moment I made contact with Viki (when I was still pregnant) she was so enthusiastic and so understanding. Having the shoot in our house ensured the process was stress-free and she gave us the time and space to attend to baby's needs. Viki is a breath of fresh air and non-imposing. The photos are exactly what we wanted and were turned around in great time! I would highly recommend Viki for a newborn photoshoot we had such a fun morning with her."


All the details about the
Mother's Day Gift card offer


The Gift Card

The Mother's Day gift card is specially designed for Mother's Day 2024 - it's fresh, unique and limited. It's been designed with my true appreciation for other mums.
There are only 10 gift cards available. 


In order to avoid sleepless nights because of the fear that the gift card won't arrive in time, the last day you can order the gift card is the 3rd March, 2024.

The Family Session

My Mother's Day Family Session offer is a unique, shorter family session of 1 hour in your home or outdoors. It's valid until the Summer Holiday 2024. 
Read more about my family sessions HERE

Only 10 Gift Cards

As I offer the Mother's Day gift cards at a reduced price, there are only 10 gift cards available. I won't update the website every time I sold one so please buy yours as soon as you can. 
Every additional gift card will be available to buy at my usual price.


1-hour family photoshoot at your home or at an outdoor location of your choice

for only £175

payment plan is 


1/ £60 when you buy the gift card
2/ £60 by the end of March
3/ £55 48h before your session

A family photoshoot
is a gift.

Not only for one day.

Family photos will be cherished forever.

Family photographer Sussex.jpg

one of the mums who had a family session with me:

"Viki is such a wonderful photographer who captured our family so well. Our crazy toddler gave her a run for her money, but she was fab with him and kept us all relaxed. The imagery that she creates tells a story and is the perfect way to hold onto a snapshot of what life is like at this moment. These photos will be truly cherished and I would highly recommend her to everyone. We will be booking in again as the kids grow!"


Mums are special.

Let them know this Mother's Day.

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