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I support women to find a way back to their primal selves, trust their inner voice and believe that everything is possible for them. 

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Hi, I'm Viki.
I'm so glad you are here.

I'm a multi-passionate human for women's empowerment. I'm a photographer and a yoga teacher. I use the wisdom from YOGA, the power of COMMUNITY and ART to empower women in their journey to embrace their truth, take courageous steps toward their dreams, and unapologetically revel in the joy of living.

Let's all be wild women: courageous, tender, caring, loving, intuitive, connected to nature, brave and mystical. 

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Have a question about working with me?

Do you simply feel connected and want to share your story with me?

I am based in Saltdean, Brighton.
I take photography work from all over the UK.
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